Air conditioning systems are a key driver behind growing global demand for electricity. Experts predict that energy demand from air conditioners will triple by 2050*, requiring new electricity capacity equivalent to the combined capacity of the United States, the EU and Japan today.

To reduce the need for air conditioning, a growing number of buildings are benefiting from the addition of heat-reflective coatings to their roof surfaces. Applied to new and existing rooftops as a paint, these ‘cool roof coatings’ can significantly reduce a building’s interior and roof surface temperatures.

To reduce the frequency of application (and therefore cost) cool roof coatings need to be long-lasting, which is exactly what MINEX® achieves. MINEX® is a nepheline syenite-based solution which is added to cool roof coatings to improve durability and colour retention in the toughest conditions, whilst at the same time enhancing solar reflectance. MINEX® outperformed a whole range of alternative materials in a five-year field study conducted in the heat of Arizona, USA. Its durability helps to make cool roof coatings more sustainable with fewer applications needed and enhanced overall effectiveness.

As the pace of urbanisation intensifies and construction increases, buildings must be as energy efficient as possible. We’re proud that MINEX® is playing a part.

* source: International Energy Agency – The Future of Cooling Report

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